Cougars on the Prowl

Nope we are not talking about that fiery animal but talknig about those fiery ladies who are mature and ripe. There sexual experience knows no bounds and no sexual position that they havent done.
Of course we are talking about those sexy cougars. Sexy older lady that love to sink their teeth into younger studs. The younger studs they need because men their age just cant keep up with these predators anymore.
They know they are getting older by the day so they decided to live every day like its their last, including crazy fuckfests.
If you think you can handle a cougar and want to know where to find one then I have the perfect place for you where everyone can Date a Cougar no matter how you look!

Cougars Need more Young Men!

Apparently a general rule is that with men dating women they tend to be up to 6 years younger but only something like 2 years older on average.
But has usually something to do with men having unrealistic expectations, meaning they think they are all that and can get all that but they forget to look in the mirror to really know what is going on. Apparently more event organizers and people in the dating industry have tried to capitalize on the whole cougar hype but as most have noticed, it is more than a hype than anything else.  Traditional arrangements are still really what most people are looking for although they might try and convince you otherwise.
Now for a last bit of depressing information if you are a cougar aged around age 55, there are 2 more of you for every 55 year old male.

Cougars Need more Young Men!

Maybe the difference here is between general dating and adult dating. Where general dating is more for finding relationships, a good friend, a local contact or just someone to talk to, adult dating is more for people looking for casual encounters, sexual relationships or a quick fling. Those last couple of things are mostly what cougars are looking for. They are at an age where they are not looking to find the new love of their life, not looking to get married again, probably have lots of friends and a busy life. All this leads you to think that adult dating is more the domain of a cougar. Mostly they just want sex, and good sex with a young man. Instead of a man their age which probably can’t get it up anymore or has a giant beer belly.

Cougars Need more Young Men!

Again the same problem arose, young men were nowhere to be found, while all other categories were represented plentiful. And yes again the even was cancelled. The other event (older men-younger women) did continue though but only because a fee was waived for a few ladies to increase the signup ratio.

So what this led you to believe is that despite the hype on tv and magazines and all that men still really prefer younger women, even though there are a lot of (sexy) cougars out there just waiting to sink their teeth in some man meat. So where is this myth coming from, is it all just BS? And why are online dating sites specializing in milfs and cougars growing so rapidly? Surely not everyone is fake and a lot of real people find dates on the daily through online dating.

Cougars Need more Young Men!

This even was posted online and got some pretty decent exposure, there were a lot of women (!) quickly signing up for this event. Where you might think that men would flock to this event to get a chance to date a cougar, you would be wrong. Because men were really slow to sign up or even show interest. Apparently just six men registered and of course the event had to be cancelled. She didn’t mention how many cougars registered but apparently there were a lot, at least not enough for six men lol.

But one try wasn’t enough of course so the event was planned again for a Sunday afternoon. But this time not just for older women-young boys but also older men-younger women, splitting the room in half for both parties. 

Cougars Need more Young Men!

Yes that is right, the title might surprise you but apparently it really is true. There are much more cougars (sexy older ladies) then there are young men wanting cougars.

Although adult dating sites might have you think otherwise but according to an event organizer from a dating website it was a headache finding young men.

Her idea was to find out if this cougar was just that, a hype, or that there are really that many cougars and men looking for cougars.

What better way to test it then to organize a speed-dating event. A speed dating even for women of a certain age, which is a crappier name for a cougar, and of course the boyish men everyone thinks are after cougars and cougars are after them.

Cougar a taboo?

We all know that men who go with younger girls is commonly more accepted by the community then women who like their men young. There are a lot of examples of cougars that have a young man as their significant other. Probably everyone knows a couple in their surroundings, let alone know some famous people that are cougars.
Some internationally well known cougars are Madonna, Cher and Tina Turner, just to name a few. All ladies well over 40 with boyfriends who are about 30 years younger.
They probably won’t be complaining right?
It is probably time to start thinking about cougars like normal women who just don’t fancy their same age counterparts. It is accepted that older (rich) guys go with younger girls so why not let older ladies go with younger guys?

Cougars – a certain age? part 4

Still they are women and you should always keep that in the back of your head. No matter how old they are they are still growing and changing. So you are much better of to not think that a cougar is easy just because she cant compete with her firm skin/no cellulite younger counter parts.
Firmness of character and self confidence comes with ages and cougars have that in abundance.
Plus the more sex they have, and they have probably had their fair share of sex in their lifes, the better they get at it. So a cougar can probably teach you new stuff in the field of sex, things that a younger female wouldn’t even dare to think about.
But be sure to have the stamina cause otherwise you could end up with a heart attack probably.
Cougars celebrate independency and have no problem being alone.

Cougars – a certain age? part 3

BUT a cougar really is not looking for a child, they don’t have mother feelings as to why they go for younger men. Just like any other girl, woman or lady they just want a REAL man, someone to have some fun with, to rely on, some male support.. Things like that is usually what cougars are missing a bit and hoping to find that in a younger man. But lets not beat around the bush what they really want is a young healthy stud to fuck their brains out. Basically that is what it is all about. Cougars are not interested in relationships, becoming a mother or stuf like that. No they probably have a great career and a good job that they love, they just need to unwind. And what better way to unwind then good sex right? Men of their ages just cant keep up with a proper cougar, so they will have to go for the younger lads who still have the stamina to keep up.

Cougars – a certain age? part 2

So why is it that younger men are so much attracted to older females while they could be going after girls their age. Who usually are much better in shapier, but not necessarily sexier. A woman with a lot of confidence that knows exactly what is sexy about her and knows how to maximize that just has something really sexies. Also the challenge of hooking up with a cougar is much greater then any other women. Plus they are usually not looking for something serious like a relationship but rather a quick fling or maybe a sexual relationship. Exactly the thing what younger men are looking for mostly, at least the healthy ones.
Lastly and this one is just as important as the other ones. A cougar usually has own money. And a lot of them have a lot of money. Again young men can appreciate something like that.