Cougars Need more Young Men!

Yes that is right, the title might surprise you but apparently it really is true. There are much more cougars (sexy older ladies) then there are young men wanting cougars.

Although adult dating sites might have you think otherwise but according to an event organizer from a dating website it was a headache finding young men.

Her idea was to find out if this cougar was just that, a hype, or that there are really that many cougars and men looking for cougars.

What better way to test it then to organize a speed-dating event. A speed dating even for women of a certain age, which is a crappier name for a cougar, and of course the boyish men everyone thinks are after cougars and cougars are after them.

Adult Dating Sites – About

1. No Pictures of Your Penis

Just because you are looking for sex doesn’t mean al she wants to see is your member.

A full body shot showing off your physique is about as nude as you want to get.

2. No Mention of Sex

Just like on regular dating sites the majority of women don’t want to read about what it is you plan on doing to them.

For the most part women who want to read what you are going to do them never actually want to meet you.

3. If It Looks Like a Porn Star It Is a Porn Star

The majority of hot women on an adult dating site will not have any picture of themselves up and if they do it will not be of the greatest quality and poses.

If she doesn’t have one regular looking picture in her profile odds are it is a fake.

You can send her an email if you like, but don’t respond if she ask for your email address or wants you to join another site that is way better than the one you are already paying for.

4. Real Responses Require Meeting or Getting a Phone Number Afterwards

Adult Dating Sites – About

If you are a man who is considering joining an adult dating site it is important that you follow a few rules in order to ensure that you get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your experience.

In theory, adult dating sites should be every man’s fantasy; a site full of women simply looking to have sex.

Yet, the reality is a large percentage of the women’s profiles on adult dating sites are either made up or simply used to get you to join some other site.

Once you take away the fake female members and such you are looking at a ratio of at least 25 guys to every 1 woman.

For your average guy, even online isn’t that great of a ratio between men and women.

However, if you follow these four simple rules when it comes to adult dating sites you can improve your chances of hooking up with a real woman rather quickly.

Cougar a taboo?

We all know that men who go with younger girls is commonly more accepted by the community then women who like their men young. There are a lot of examples of cougars that have a young man as their significant other. Probably everyone knows a couple in their surroundings, let alone know some famous people that are cougars.
Some internationally well known cougars are Madonna, Cher and Tina Turner, just to name a few. All ladies well over 40 with boyfriends who are about 30 years younger.
They probably won’t be complaining right?
It is probably time to start thinking about cougars like normal women who just don’t fancy their same age counterparts. It is accepted that older (rich) guys go with younger girls so why not let older ladies go with younger guys?

Cougars – a certain age? part 4

Still they are women and you should always keep that in the back of your head. No matter how old they are they are still growing and changing. So you are much better of to not think that a cougar is easy just because she cant compete with her firm skin/no cellulite younger counter parts.
Firmness of character and self confidence comes with ages and cougars have that in abundance.
Plus the more sex they have, and they have probably had their fair share of sex in their lifes, the better they get at it. So a cougar can probably teach you new stuff in the field of sex, things that a younger female wouldn’t even dare to think about.
But be sure to have the stamina cause otherwise you could end up with a heart attack probably.
Cougars celebrate independency and have no problem being alone.

Cougars – a certain age? part 3

BUT a cougar really is not looking for a child, they don’t have mother feelings as to why they go for younger men. Just like any other girl, woman or lady they just want a REAL man, someone to have some fun with, to rely on, some male support.. Things like that is usually what cougars are missing a bit and hoping to find that in a younger man. But lets not beat around the bush what they really want is a young healthy stud to fuck their brains out. Basically that is what it is all about. Cougars are not interested in relationships, becoming a mother or stuf like that. No they probably have a great career and a good job that they love, they just need to unwind. And what better way to unwind then good sex right? Men of their ages just cant keep up with a proper cougar, so they will have to go for the younger lads who still have the stamina to keep up.

Cougars – a certain age? part 2

So why is it that younger men are so much attracted to older females while they could be going after girls their age. Who usually are much better in shapier, but not necessarily sexier. A woman with a lot of confidence that knows exactly what is sexy about her and knows how to maximize that just has something really sexies. Also the challenge of hooking up with a cougar is much greater then any other women. Plus they are usually not looking for something serious like a relationship but rather a quick fling or maybe a sexual relationship. Exactly the thing what younger men are looking for mostly, at least the healthy ones.
Lastly and this one is just as important as the other ones. A cougar usually has own money. And a lot of them have a lot of money. Again young men can appreciate something like that.

Cougars – a certain age?

A cougar could refer to a mountain cat a mountain lion or a puma.. But that is probably not what you are thinking about or what most people think about when they hear the term cougar.
You would probably be thinking about an older women who still goes clubbing in order to pull a much younger men. But what is an older woman??
Not exactly what it is of course. As one cougar said who doesn’t agree with this. She herself is married to a much younger guy but when she asks him he admits that he was the one hunter her instead of the opposite. Apparently this is the case more then you would think otherwise. Cougars are not the ones doing the hunting, it’s the younger guys who find cougars more interesting and sexier nowadays. Perhas due to all the attention there are getting.

Cougars a Taboo?

Men with younger girls is usually accepted and not a taboo. So why is it that older women who fancy young men does have kind of a taboo rest on them? Is that not the exact same thing as men with younger women? Well everyone knows a cougar probably, mostly famous people. To name a couple; Madonna is a definite cougar and so is Tina Turner.
Cougars usually start at around age 50 and up and some are still preserved very very well. Thanks to modern day doctors they can fix and pull everything up again. So a cougar doesn’t have to stay home and feel old. Being with younger men makes them feel young again. That is mostly why they do it.

Cougar Straight from the Wiki

So what is a cougar exactly? And why don’t we just call here a MILF, is that not the same?
Well no not exactly. Where a MILF could basically be any age a mother is, from 15 to 40 or so. But beyond that point it really turns into a cougar. Does not necessarily have children but does have an extremely high sex drive, about as high as her age probably.
Mostly widows or business woman who were to busy with their career to think about relationships and stuff. But now they just want sex. To get pounded like crazy by younger guys to unwind from those stressful days. A cougar is a woman older then a MILF that really fancies young boys, just for sex. And sex is what they do best!